1991: Wise Pearl Limited founded

1991: Ying Bao Factory (YBF) opened in Shenzhen, China

1994: Bao Xing Factory (BXF) opened in Anxi, China (near Xiamen)

1997: YBF (Shenzhen) expands into a new facility

2001: BXF (Anxi) gains ISO 9001:2000 certification

2006: Wise Pearl Limited, Hong Kong gains ISO 9001:2000 certification

2009: YBF (Shenzhen) expands into a new 18,000 square meter facility

2012: YBF (Shenzhen) gains ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certifications

2013: BXF (Anxi) gains ISO 14001:2004 certification

About Us

Wise Pearl Limited is a part of a group of companies, employing approximately 6,000 workers, providing high quality production services in China. WPL itself has a wholly owned factory in China, employing approximately 400 production workers.

As Wise Pearl grew and evolved along the years, its three foundation stones were kept in place: uncompromised quality, excellent customer service, and cost-effectiveness. These stones underlie everything we do and will continue as we continue to grow and develop.

Bowie Ho

Core Values


Don't let her youthful appearance fool you. This is an experienced veteran who has the right stuff. Over the 26 years she has served from material clerk to director, she has done it all and has earned the respect of her colleagues, customers, suppliers and competitors. But she is still happy to serve tea to our guests.

Ken Ng

Core Values

Customer Service Manager

Ken joined Wise Pearl in 2002 as an account executive, following many years in the leather bag industry. With his product experience, his dedication and attention to details, Ken quickly became a source of knowledge to our customers as well as our staff. He was primarily managing our industrial and military accounts.

After a year in foreign lands, Ken realized Wise Pearl is the right place for him and rejoined us, this time as a Customer Service Manager of our A and D team.

Frances Tai

Core Values

Customer Service Manager

When Frances Joined WPL, in 2000, she already had 5 years of experience of meeting customer's needs in the field of technical sewn accessories. With her ability to understand Wise Pearl's customers' requirements and their markets, in combination with her product knowledge, she offers great support for companies working with us. She is currently the Customer Service Manager of our C and M team.

When not in the office, you would most likely find Frances in the Tennis Court or in the Gym. Sending her some good chocolate might not be a bad idea for those who are looking for even better treatment than her typical high-standard customer service.


We are committed to being the partner of choice to companies and organizations, who require the flexibility, range and cost advantages of Far East manufacturing without sacrificing responsiveness, reliability or consistency. To achieve this, we will:

Understand each of our customer's requirements and expectations, meet them and whenever possible, exceed them
Clearly communicate what we can and cannot accomplish before accepting any project
Do everything humanly possible to achieve the objectives including product performance, delivery and cost
Strive to improve the competitiveness and success of our customers
Regard our suppliers and customers as long-term partners and ourselves as service providers to our customers

Core Value

Core Values