Our employees are our most valuable resource. We treat them fairly, provide them a safe and pleasant working environment and, wherever possible, opportunities to advance their careers. Whilst we cherish them for the work they do, we also like to see them having fun, and improving their lives and that of their families.

Our campus in Shenzhen, houses a Library and an Entertainment Center. Employees are free to borrow books, surf the internet or play billiards and table tennis. Periodically, we also offer training classes, movie nights and company outings.


As part of our commitment to Sustainability, our production facilities are ISO 14001:2004 certified.

We aim to promote sustainable design, we believe together with our customers, we can develop sustainable products that are both commercially successful and environmentally friendly.

We welcome partners who are interested in exploring the green path with us.

Intellectual Property

We respect our customers' original creations and will treat them with the appropriate care, and keep the design and information confidential.


We believe integrity is the foundation to all our relationship, with customers, suppliers, and employees. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and expect the same from others.